XOXO Sugar Bath &  Body is a complete line of products to cleanse, moisturize and nourish your skin. Our products are made with real ingredients, not some hard to pronounce word you find in a lab. Our focus is to put the good back in your skin and leave your body feeling great! We are the feel good brand & there’s nothing artificial about that.


Life is sweeter with a little bit of sugar

We’re a small, family owned and operated brand with a passion for making people feel good.

My grandmother was a baker & a seamstress. Her pies, particularly sweet potato, were award winning. I would watch her day in & day out mix & beat to delectable perfection then bake, sometimes toiling in the kitchen all day, even in the hot, summer heat. Her Lemon Pound Cake was a fan favorite to say the least – so much so that it was our first fragrance here in the Sugar factory. (My aunt agreed it smells just like Mama’s – only you can’t eat it lol) My work ethic is my grandmother’s. So is my passion to deliver a consistent product. The only difference is she baked for the tummy & we create for the body.

We hand craft every product in our line because we want to be certain the quality is there and we have a watchful eye over the ingredients we put use. My grandmother would only use real milk, eggs and butter – never substituting because like she put it ‘imitation just won’t do, not even with vanilla.’ I’ve come a long way from that first attempt on meringue that was a soupy, liquid mess. But determined and still floating on the sweet confidence my grandmother would say after every mis-attempt in her soft, Southern voice ‘ You gon fail. You gotta try again.’ We formulated our products for a full year before launching. Every first attempt was a flop but it was a reminder to try again. It became a never-ending science project – a test of what would work, what completely didn’t work and what we should just keep plugging away at. And so we did. With the help of our first critic, (love you, Aunt Hazel) we created our first product – a shelf stable body butter that was smooth as silk, light as air and fluffy as marshmallow cream with all the nourishing minerals and vitamins skin craves.