XOXO Sugar Bath &  Body is a complete line of products to cleanse, moisturize and nourish your skin. Our products are made with real ingredients, not some hard to pronounce word you find in a lab. Our focus is to put the good back in your skin and leave your body feeling great! We are the feel good brand & there’s nothing artificial about that.



About me

I’m a mother. There’s a set of skills that goes along with parenting that only life and experience can teach you. What I wanted my kids to take away the most from my life is that the unexpected ups & downs will create the character you allow it to. Perseverance, ambition and a willing desire to be the best you possible are all end game goals. This requires you to be and do positive, be kind to another, learn from your mistakes and always live your truth – a few simple yet dedicated values I built XOXO Sugar on. We’re the feel good brand but to feel good about who you are means you have to live everyday to its fullest and always be conscious of your contribution to the world, in service, in love & in support.

XOXO Sugar started out as a challenge from my then middle-school aged daughter. It grew into something I could feel great about doing knowing the products we were manufacturing came from fresh ingredients that are good for your skin. While my kids were watching me & learning lessons from my experience I was gaining invaluable support from two biggest fans & critics.

Rae Curry