XOXO Sugar Bath &  Body is a complete line of products to cleanse, moisturize and nourish your skin. Our products are made with real ingredients, not some hard to pronounce word you find in a lab. Our focus is to put the good back in your skin and leave your body feeling great! We are the feel good brand & there’s nothing artificial about that.


The Feature Effect

Nothing beats a quality blog post & Kandice Guice knows a lot about that! This month we were featured in her blog article ‘The Black Effect: 10 Black Owned Brands You’ll Love To Shop’ & we couldn’t be more excited! Read on….

“The latest Nielsen Report puts Black buying power at $1.2 Trillion.”

XOXO Sugar joined the ranks of some of the top mentioned & used beauty brands in the business & not just for WOC – beauty doesn’t discriminate! Everything from beauty to fashion & in-between graced this post. We’re just elated to be included coming from very humble beginnings & still remaining true to the principles we created the brand on. Head on over to XO Necole & check out some really great finds. Thank me later 😉

Image courtesy fitsonme.blogspot.com/