Saturday Brunch with Sumptuous Spirits

What’s better than Saturday brunch? Mimosas from Sumptuous Spirits with Saturday brunch! That’s right! The mobile Sumptuous Spirits bar (click here for access to their decadent drinks) is sharing two of their best mimosa recipes with our readers in hopes of helping your brunch acclimate to a whole new level – their strawberry pineapple mimosa & the Moscow Mule mimosa. Yumm! Check them out below:

Sumptuous Spirits Mimosa 1

Sumptuous Spirits Mimosa 2



Here’s a few menu items that would accompany these two lovely drinks perfectly for your guests. Don’t forget to invite the XOXO Sugar & Sumptuous Spirits crew! Well, at least take pics to share! 😉


Add some class to your Saturday brunch & mimosas with a perfect frittata. Eggs make brunch, well, brunch! Plus they’re easy on your stomach & go great with a few fresh veggies like some cherry tomatoes or spinach.

French toast beats pancakes any day of the week but especially on Saturday. It’s light, sweet, accompanies these mimosas perfectly & you can whip up your batch the night before & warm it up in the oven the day of. Don’t forget the strawberries & powdered sugar!

Quiche is the perfect addition without filling tummies up too much to tuck! Ladies especially still want to be glamorous – even at brunch – so mini quiches are perfect for an elegant brunch that won’t make your belly bulge.

Bake your bacon instead of frying it. Less mess, less grease & more time to sip your mimosa while you prepare for your guests to arrive!

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