Planning a Saturday Brunch

I’m so in love with brunch. It’s breakfast & lunch – two of the most important meals of the day for me, typically the one two I really get AND it’s typically a great opportunity to bring friends and family together to catch up or do some business networking, so on and so forth.

This weekend we’ve teamed up with Sumptuous Spirits to share some of their mmmm mmm mmmmmmmmmm Mimosa recipes. (It’s Thursday evening & I’m planning ahead for that strawberry pineapple one already lol) So with such decadent drink shares I thought it might be cute to bring some ideas to the blog to add a little brunch flair – try these on for size.

Plan your menu ahead. Since it’s brunch these possibilities are limitless. Eggs (frittatas, omelets, quiche, scrambled, broken, boiled, poached, etc.) go over best but you can also have something a little more fulfilling for your guests that came to throw down AND get their networking on. Don’t skip on the veggies or the fruit – a nice fruit salad or veggie tray is always welcome and of course plan for a delicious drink. You can check out Sumptuous Spirits online drink catalog here. They’re the most creative bartenders I’ve seen & their drinks are always in style for any event!

Add something sweet & light to the table by way of crepes, french toast, pancakes or waffles. A myriad of toppings is always a welcome addition & will keep your guests satisfied!

Coffee and tea please and don’t forget the fresh breads, cakes or muffins!

Fresh squeezed fruit juice is a double plus. It can be served by itself or mixed up with any of the mimosas, cocktails or mocktails you decide to add to your menu.

Always serve and slay in style. Bring out your best for your guests. You can pick up a few very nice and inexpensive items from several local retailers around the way that can be used over and over again. Good kitchenware is priceless and timeless because it hardly ever goes out of style and it’s a great investment.

When in doubt choose fruits for your salad that are in season. Fresh fruit is also a welcome addition on pancakes, waffles, crepes and french toast making your brunch even sweeter with a healthy kick!

Add a colorful theme to your table or room that will give guests something to admire and add some visual appeal beyond your menu to your brunch. Table settings, flowers, streamers, wall/ceiling hangings, decorative napkins and more can also create conversation among your guests especially as they arrive while you welcome everyone and prepare to host your guests.



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