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Our Story

Hi, my name is Rae. I’m a mother of two incredible college kids. When they were going through puberty I had to find products that would combat breakouts & keep their skin nourished without putting a ton of chemicals in their body. I was torn between everything that was on the market. While one product cleared up their breakouts it was storing harmful toxins in their organs & another was exfoliating but not in a healthy way. Fed up with what was in the stores I took to my own experience from beauty school & started formulating. A year later I had several viable (and not so viable) products that I started testing out then had the kids use them. Hence, XOXO Sugar was born! I wanted them to feel great about who they are, be confident going into the world, face the people they had to communicate with on a daily basis without worrying about their skin.

We set out to create a bath and body line that gets your skin dressed and feeling your best everyday with raw ingredients.

We want you to feel good about your skin, embrace your blemishes as individuality, treat problem areas like eczema & psoriasis and smell delicious. We do this by formulating, testing and indulging in our products first before they’re introduced to the market so we understand how our ingredients work together and then deliver a consistent product that performs on an exceptional level. Dynamic customer service and a simplistic online shopping experience our customers want to share.

Our values

Quality – Our vision requires the use of quality ingredients & formulating that gives us countless recommendations from the people that use it the most – our consumers.

Commitment – Dedication & loyalty in an effort to maintain consumer trust in what we do. We stand by every product we create that it is open to innovation yet built on a firm foundation from formulation to packaging. We are a brand that will earn & keep your trust.

Living well – From the inside out we believe in eating, resting, living, working & playing well – the pursuit & execution of a healthy lifestyle.

Togetherness – Launched as a family owned & operated company we believe in team work and exemplify this value thru our collaborations with beauty bloggers, makeup artists, stylists, spas & other beauty professionals.

Style – Maintaining healthy skin doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, it should be done with style & finesse, a couture-esque image of what your gorgeous self puts together everyday.

Inspiration – We are inspired by the products we produce & the people we make them for. Our success is esteemed by the people we interact with on multiple levels that openly share their world and the cultivation it requires to grow.

Pure & Simple we put the good back in cosmetics & left the junk out. XOXO Sugar starts and finishes with wholesome ingredients for your body. Our goal is to replenish your skin with the vitamins & minerals you lose to the elements.

Small, handmade batches from scratch that leave you feeling & smelling great.

XOXO Sugar is family owned & operated.


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